Career Pathways
Realizing Opportunities for Career Growth in the Capital Region



ISF supports this partnership because it provides an easy way for our citizens to pursue their education and obtain jobs with higher wages. Tallahassee and the surrounding area have a wealth of untapped human potential. The Career Pathways project provides an entry point into our educational systems that allow young and adult students to extend their education. As a local employer, ISF is constantly seeking to hire new talent. The Career Pathway project helps bridge a critical gap in our community.
— Cyndy Loomis, CEO of Information Systems of Florida, Inc.

Information Systems of Florida, Inc.  (ISF)

Serving clients nationwide, ISF is a management consulting and information technology firm committed to helping businesses and government operate better, smarter, and more efficiently. Having served clients large and small for 38 years, our highly trained staff members are able to anticipate accurately the time and budget it takes for project completion. We are committed to seeing projects through from beginning to end and pledge to exceed expectations along the way. ISF is perfectly sized to offer individualized customer service and big firm results, without the big firm price.


St. Marks Powder

St. Marks Powder, a General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems company, is a leading manufacturer of commercial smokeless powder. From .22 Rimfire Match propellants, which won the Gold Medals at the Olympics, to clean burning shotshell propellants, to low muzzle flash pistol propellants, there is a complete propellant product. St. Marks Powder makes over 100 commercial product symbols in rimfire, pistol, shotshell, industrial tool and centerfire rifle applications. St. Marks Powder has a strong technical base to help with product applications as well as recommending and tailoring, if appropriate, specially blended propellants for specific applications. St. Marks Powder has the infrastructure to ship propellants internationally.